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AV-300i  6KAVI43007Y1
Adjustable frequency flux vector drive
The AV300i is an exceptional drive. A quick glance shows the sleek,
ergonomic design that makes it stand out from the crowd. Taking a closer
look at the AV300i shows the impressive performance and flexibility in a
compact package that suits your application. With innovative modes of
operation like sensorless flux vector control and scalar V/Hz, the AV300i is
the perfect solution for any control system.
• GE Control system toolbox software
Combined configuration, trend recording, and operator interface.
• Start-up wizards and Self-tune screen
Quickens and simplifies start-up.
• Removable LCD back lit keypad
• Virtual keypad
Allows operators to control drive from PC screen as if using keypad on
drive itself.
Provides easy viewing and access.
• Graphic monitoring of drive variables
Expedites start-up and displays drive’s parameters and functions
• Open architecture
Allows connection to communication protocols.
Integrates with PLCs and operator interfaces.
• Optional DGF programmable application card
Develop customized control functions and execution blocks
Features and Benefits
- Wide range of I/O and
communication bus interfaces
Easely link the drive to a pushbutton
operator station with a
speed pot or an automated
solution with PLCs and HMIs.
- Advanced control
Configurable function blocks
coordinate your process line.
- High performance regulators
Provide tension sectional control.
- Connectibility to the RS-300
Regenerative source for
applications requiring common dc
bus, like a slitting line.
- Win+Drive configuration
software and DGF card
Allow easy programming for
advance applications and sophisticated
processes like a turret
winder or flying shear control.
- Universal approvals
UL, cUL and CE cover applications
around the globe.
Flux vector drives